How I met Oberstudiendirektorin [OStDir.] Marie Therese Cabisius (31.8.1895 - 5.1.1989)!

Our class of Abendgymnasium Bremen made a journey to East-Germany in / DDR in 1968 with our "Deutsch"-teacher Erich Trittin. His headmaster in Schule Karlstraße of Bremen was OStDir. Marie Therese Cabisius. As they both came very good along he took she with us to a journey through East-Germany. At that time this was only possible, because he was the leader of the Goethe-Society in Bremen, the only connection with Weimar, DDR, beside Mozart-Society.

In Weimar my aunt Martha Langin nee Blankenforth from Halle, DDR, visited us in Hotel "Hospiz". There M.Th.C. watched me and asked Mr. Trittin who I am. The reason for this is that she was interested in Dr. Fritz Holborn, assistent in physics at the University of (?)Berlin. Because of the war there was no chance to come together. But he was still always precious for her and present in her mind (special as a scientist?)!

... And I was reminding her to Dr. Fritz Holborn. (I am very lucky and thankful because of this fact!)

M.Th.C. was unmarried and was only prepared by helping other people. But opposite there is not a chance to help her. Except in 1968 the winter was terrific cold. My classmate (girlfriend) Ulla (now my wife: Dr. phil. Dipl.-Päd.) and me then got a chance to help her from the Wartburg in Eisenach down to the waiting bus. As the whe ways were very slippery.
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There she asked me what she could do for me. Immediatly I answered: Helping me in mathematics (although I was not too bad just in this subject).

She became my great mentor and later the (adopting-)mother of our family!

The children called her "Omimi"!

Highest respect!

Prof. Dr. rer. pol. Dipl.-Kfm. Vers.-Kfm. Wolfgang Blankenforth nee Cabisius

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