Amulette - 10.11.2014

A few days before my 70th birthday my wife Ulla surprised me.

She gave me this Amulette
Surely it is made out of gold.

She reminds me that is from my mother Cabisius, what I forget.

Inside of this Amulette is a photo.


Ulla said it would be Dr. Fritz Holborn.

I war surprised and touched.

First, I thought the does not exist a photo of him.

Secondly, I did not expect that my mother would weary such emotionally Amulette.

I knew the important of her unfilled love. But not to such extend. She was interested how his life ended; so I phoned with her wife. This means she knew all the time about the family life. Wearing this Amulette shows how strong here longing were.

As I remind her to Dr. Holborn, the reason why she accepted me so much, let us follow how deep her interest were in our strong relationship!

So I intend to honour this Amulette strongly. That's why I worked on it. I used the right-wing with a photo with her, Ulla and me (in the opposite of Dr. Friedrich Holborn).

To special event I intend to wear the Amulette on the reverse of my jacket!

I am thankfull because of that relationship and feel honoured!